SmarterMail 17 - MailingListsByDomain issue
Problem reported by Nicolas Fertig - 11/22/2018 at 1:24 AM

I found a special behavior.

Someone would try this scenario and tell me if has the same results?

1. addDomain
2. AddUser2
3. AddList <test>

4. GetMailingListsByDomain, ok retrun <test>

5. AddAlias
6. DeleteAlias
7. DeleteDomain

8. Repeat 1-4 with the same datas
8.1 addDomain
8.2 AddUser2
8.3 AddList <test>

9. GetMailingListsByDomain, Failed to retrieve the lists for ...

In WEB UI, the list <test> exist and if you not do (6. DeleteAlias) this scenario work

Best regards,
Giuseppe Damiani

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