Where to see Internal Blocked Senders List - Smartermail 16.x
Question asked by Stratos Geroulis - 11/20/2018 at 7:48 AM
I have been trying to find this to no avail. When I hit "Block Sender" I am told that the address will go to the "Internal Blocked Senders List" and future messages will go to the spam folder. Firstly, it doesn't work, i.e. I have blocked repeatedly a few of addresses and their mail still comes to my inbox. Secondly, I can't seem to find where I can see or edit that list. Any help would be appreciated!

PS: Smartermail version 16.3.6870 

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Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hi Stratos, 

To find the Internal Blocked Senders list, go to Settings and click on Content Filtering. You'll find a filter titled "Internal Blocked Senders". 

In version 16.x, any time you block a sender all subsequent emails should be sent directly to the Junk Email folder. Can you confirm whether the email addresses you've blocked appear in the 'From specific addresses' and 'From address' conditions? 

Andrea Rogers
SmarterTools Inc.


Stratos Geroulis Replied

Thanks for the help! There was a misconception in my part as to what I expected that list to look like. I thought it would have it's own page or tab of some sort with a tabled list. After your explanation I was able to find the record in the content filtering and it looks like the addresses are indeed in there.

Now that I understand how this works, I also understood why it was not working in my situation. The "Internal Blocked Senders" rule was assigned a very small priority and other rules were kicking in before it. I changed that and I think this will take care of it.

In my humble, uninformed opinion, I would suggest this to be implemented a tad different. When a user hits "Block Sender" that's a strong willing command of his to not see any e-mails from this sender again. Hence, there should be no mixing with other rules. It could create an internal rule to keep the development cohesive but it should by default have the highest unchangeable priority. I would also suggest it gets it's own page or tab so there is no mixing of the custom rules with it and it's more clear to each user where their blocked senders are. Just a suggestion for whatever it's worth.

Thank you again for the prompt and on point response.
Stratos Geroulis Replied

I have to revisit this. Specifically the rule not moving the messages to spam. I have repeatedly blocked certain addresses and I have made sure they have gone in the list the "Internal Blocked Senders" list has. I have also moved the rule to the top of the list with priority "1". Yet, the messages are still not moved to spam. My scenario is as follows:

- I funnel my work's e-mails into personal Smartermail server that has my personal e-mails. I use POP retrieval for that.
- I use a rule in the content filtering where if the "To Specific Address" is "me@mywork.com" then it's sent to a special "Work" folder.
- The rule that does that has priority "2".
- Spam messages that go to "me@mywork.com" still end up in my "Work" folder even when the sender address is in the blocked list.

The way I see it is that there's two explanations for this:
1) The "Internal Blocked Senders" list is not matching the from address. I have specifically checked that the from address, say "spam@spammer.com" is in the blocked list.
2) The matching continues after matching the "Internal Blocked Senders" and goes to the second rule which lands the spam in my "Work" folder.

In either case, the behavior is kind of unexpected. Any thoughts?

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