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Question asked by Jon Eastwood - 11/15/2018 at 2:34 AM
I have a number of customers who I want to add live chat to theor web sites, butt hey are all on the same shared server.

I presume I don't need dedicated IP's for each instance as I can do it via host headers

But do I need to install it on the server EACH time I want to use it or can they all run from the same install folder but all from a different MYSQL DB for content?


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Andrew Barker Replied
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I was a little unclear on whether you meant just embedding chat into your clients' websites, or running separate instances of SmarterTrack. To play it safe, I have provided answers for both.

If you are just trying to embed chat in each separate instance, this can be handled with just a single install of SmarterTrack. Keep in mind, this solution would store all of the chat information in the same database.

If you are trying to set up separate instances of SmarterTrack, then you must have multiple installs. Each SmarterTrack instance must be run from a separate installation. There is no mechanism in SmarterTrack to allow switching data sources based on the host header.

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Jon Eastwood Replied
Sorry if i was unclear

different customers with different domains all on the same windows server

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