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Question asked by Gary Steiner - 11/8/2018 at 1:43 PM
When sending out a mailing list, if one of the recipients bounces, where does the bounce message go?  It doesn't go to the sender, the moderator, the reply to, or the postmaster.  I guess it could go to the list address, but obviously you don't want your bounces posted back to the list.

If you setup a mailing list, for example, of newsletter@somerandomdomainname.com and the message gets sent from newsletter--a228e6bf8b61453d91c1b81438e02751@somerandomdomainname.com, will any failed deliveries messages get sent back to newsletter--a228e6bf8b61453d91c1b81438e02751@somerandomdomainname.com ?  And if so, won't they bounce (since that's not an existing address/account)?  If those bounce messages are in turn getting bounced, won't that increase your chance of getting marked as a spammer?  Or do we need a catch-all to clear all this up?

At this point (16.x), the only was to get any specific bounce information is to go digging in the log files.  If you look in the subscriber list of the mailing list, some subscribers will be flagged with bounces even though they are marked as "(Delivered)" in the delivery log.  Why was it flagged as a bounce if it was delivered?  Since SmarterMail doesn't save the bounce messages, how do we diagnose this problem?

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When bounces occur to a mailing list they are sent to an address that SmarterMail recognizes as the subscriber the bounce came from. The bounce itself isn't delivered to any mailbox but is instead recorded by the mailing list, which will increment a subscriber's bounce count.

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