Priority Setting for email rules, also "continue"
Idea shared by Paul Blank - 10/11/2018 at 2:14 PM
I have two suggestions for settings in email delivery rules:

1. Assign each rule a number, in ascending order, with #1 at the top, highest priority (as it is now, except there are no numbers). Then, when a new rule is created, assign the rule a new number, and allow that number to be changed and saved, so as to assign rule priority right away. And of course, the number could then be changed at any time. When there are many rules, one has to click-click-click etc. to move the priority up/down as needed; very time-consuming.

2. Have a checkbox to continue to the next rule if desired. Now, as soon as a rule is triggered, no more rules are even tried.

These have probably been suggested before, so excuse me if it's an old topic.

And BTW, how about filtering for outgoing emails as well?

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