How to merge calandar data into 1 file.
Question asked by Lorne Moffat - 10/10/2018 at 6:49 AM
It appears that we have had a issue with our calendar data.  Everytime we have installed the update smartermail appears to create a new calendar data xml file.  so i have little xml files here and little xml files there all over.  A client is missing 3 years of calendar entries.

need to recover but calandar data  is hard to understand

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Lorne Moffat Replied
Seriously, no one can help me with taking 2 XML files and combine them to have 1 calendar data file.
Matt Petty Replied
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In C:\SmarterMail\Domains\<domain>\Users\<user>\XXXXXXX_calendarData.xml.
If you copy from the first
to the last
In each file and stick them in one single file in between
<CalendarData ID="xxxx"> and </CalendarData>
AE1279A3_calendarData.xml is usually the main primary calendar for user's so you'll want to combine them into this file.
If you do this while your service is turned off, when you turn it back on it should load them all under the same calendar. If you need more help with me explaining it I can.
Matt Petty
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