"Spam" goes to ClamAV quarantine SM 15.7
Problem reported by Lennart Eliasson - 9/27/2018 at 2:42 AM
Certain email marked spam are caught by ClamAV and goes to quarantine even though there is no virus in them. Whitelisting sender doesn't help. They still go there.
Delivery log file says: "This message has been quarantined because a virus was found."
SmarterMail Enterprise 15.7
Virus definitions 2018-09-27 10:23:55

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Nathan Y Replied
Are you running the SaneSecurity antispam/antimalware definitions in clam? 

If so, any hits will be considered a virus by SM as it does not understand the different between the default clamav defs and the sanesecurity antispam/antimalware defs.

Frank Jensen Replied
Yes it seems so in newest sm also.

It should be possible for Smartermail to use ClamAV answer to either send to quarantine or junk.
But I guess they dont.

ClamAV log:
Wed Jan 30 15:03:11 2019 -> c:\SmarterMail\Spool\SubSpool4\59910765.eml: Sanesecurity.Scam.12551.UNOFFICIAL FOUND
Wed Jan 30 15:15:08 2019 -> c:\SmarterMail\Spool\SubSpool6\59910826.eml: Sanesecurity.Phishing.Fake.Coin.27521.UNOFFICIAL FOUND
Wed Jan 30 15:20:06 2019 -> SelfCheck: Database status OK.
Wed Jan 30 15:35:40 2019 -> c:\SmarterMail\Spool\SubSpool7\59910945.eml: Sanesecurity.Junk.56698.UNOFFICIAL FOUND

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