Missing email in EAS account but reflected in Outlook 2016 Folder
Problem reported by Ng Cher Choon - 9/10/2018 at 2:55 AM
When we first create an EAS account for a customer within her Outlook, she faced the problem trying to migrate her emails from the PST file to her EAS account by drag and drop method. 
Hence, we created another IMAP account for her in Outlook and she managed to drag and drop those emails from her PST file to their IMAP folder. But the emails are seen migrated to the IMAP folder but not reflected in the EAS account within her Outlook. It shows that the same account in EAS and IMAP folder mappings are different.
When we removed the IMAP account from her Outlook, we realised that those migrated emails went missing.
So, we recreated a new Outlook Profile with only EAS account for her, without IMAP account.
She recreated subfolders within her Inbox in her Outlook. It was seen the mapping of folders tally within her Outlook and the webmail
However, there are some mails beyond certain date in the subfolders in Outlook are not reflected on the same subfolders in her webmail. This means that the emails are not sync correctly in her Outlook and the SM16 EAS account.
How can we resolve this?

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