Description missing for Trusted Senders in SmarterMail 16.X
Question asked by Lasse Balsvad - 8/28/2018 at 2:17 PM
I'm about to upgrade from Smartermail 15.X to 16.X, but it seems like the domain list for Trusted Senders has been pretty much degraded? All my descriptions/comments for Trusted Senders has been remove and now it's just a simple list of domains? Can I put in some kind of comment tag in each line after the domain name, so I can keep my comments about ticket-id, why and when the domain was added to the trusted senders list?
To give a better overview for admins I would put the "Trusted Senders" (both domains and e-mail addresses) back into a searchable and sortable list - maybe under the "Security" settings.

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