Replying Emails Windows (10) Mail Client
Problem reported by Hasham Wahaib - 8/24/2018 at 3:27 PM
Email Account Configured as (Exchange) in Windows 10 native email client, when replying to sender and attaching new files (I have tested xls, doc,word) it recipient don't get the attachment but the email is received but with out attachment, 
NOTE: this issue is only noticed in Windows 10 Native email client, otherwise if using Ms-Outlook2016 on both Windows or Mac Osx this problem is not present. 

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Paul Blank Replied
Which version of SmarterMail, please?
Hasham Wahaib Replied
I last Tested on 16.3.6754.
I just updated to the current latest today 16.3.6809 but haven't confirmed if it is still same or any changes regarding above mentioned problem
Hasham Wahaib Replied
Hey Paul,
Sorry for late reply, it was SM16.

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