Impersonation/Domain Admin Changes
Idea shared by Adam Lewis - 8/17/2018 at 1:21 PM
I think Smartermail could really benefit by having more options for domain level administrators. I have some domain admins who want to be able to impersonate users, but I can't give them this access. I have others who want to be able to generate temporary passwords like a system admin can, but they aren't able to. I understand why these features aren't enabled by default for domain admins, but they should be an option we can turn on. There are always pros and cons to allowing something, but there aren't many cons when you make features optional.

We have been using SM for a very long time, but some of these small options are really hindering our growth.

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Hi, we proposed something similar, title of the thread is "Domain admin roles" (can't seem to link to it)
As we already have votes there, please consider adding to it and voting there so hopefully we get some response from Smartertools.

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