404 / Page Not Found Problem with mailing list Double Opt-In function
Problem reported by Eric Bourland - 8/6/2018 at 5:58 AM
SmarterMail Enterprise Edition
Version: 16.3.6751
Hello, friends. Can you advise me, please?
I have double opt-in enabled for my mailing list.
When someone subscribes to the mailing list, she gets an email message with a confirmation link.
When she clicks on the link, she gets a 404 message. I've got a number of mailing list clients who are upset about this.
Is there anything I can do to resolve this problem? It seems to me the Double Opt-In link used to work, in previous versions of SmarterMail.
Thank you for your time, as always.
When you click the link, below, you will see the 404 error:

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Eric Bourland Replied
Anybody? I've got some upset, confused mailing list users here. Thank you. =)

Freek S. Replied
I suggest troubleshooting this error with Fiddler. Sadly I cannot give you a more detailed answer.

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