Mail is stuck in outgoing spam checks
Question asked by Melanie White - 7/31/2018 at 10:30 AM
I've recently upgraded a free version of the outgoing mail server from Smartermail 12 to Smartermail 15 on 2 of my servers and have begun having some problems that I did not have before.  I also have 1 paid server that I use for all of the inboxes etc.
A few weeks ago all of the sudden both of my upgraded servers would not accept outgoing mail until I rebooted them.  And then today all of the sudden on 1 server all of the email seem to be getting stuck in a spam check but I do not have any outgoing email spam checks enabled?  Again I had to do a full reboot to get it going.
There were a ton of messages like this in the SMTP log
[2018.07.30] 00:29:55 [74032] Delivery started for x@x.com at 12:29:55 AM
[2018.07.30] 00:30:23 [74032] Added to SpamCheckQueue (2078 queued; 39/30 processing)
The number queued kept increasing but the number processing was always the same 39/30.
Seemed like it was going along fine with the queue and then all of the sudden I see these lines one after another where the queue was normal and then all of the sudden its negative and the 39/30 starts?
[2018.07.27] 12:35:28 [71644] Added to SpamCheckQueue (102 queued; 30/30 processing)
[2018.07.27] 12:35:31 [71934] Added to SpamCheckQueue (-38 queued; 39/30 processing)
From then on until this morning 7/31 the queue just kept increasing and wouldn't send until I rebooted the machine.
I checked the outgoing email server spam settings and I have nothing enabled for outgoing spam checking so I'm confused.  Any thoughts?  This never occurred with smartermail 12 before.  I'm thinking about downgrading these servers again. 

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The problem it's occurrs when the queue in spamcheck it's greater than the spam threads and SM stop to deliver and only add to spamqueue. You need to change the delivery threads, spam thereads in configuration and restart only the spool.

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