Domain admin roles
Idea shared by Rob Conley - 7/20/2018 at 7:49 AM
I would like to propose that domain admin roles be created.
For example:
View reports
Manage spam and content filtering
Add users/aliases
Manage users/aliases (make changes)
Delete users/aliases
Mail list manager
Assign admin roles
Our customers want some of their staff to be able to manage one feature but not be able to add/remove users or impersonate for example.

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Any comments from Smartermail on this? More granularity for domain admins would really be helpful.
Office 365 offers roles for admins for example "reports reader", "User management administrator", "Password administrator". If we are going to compete with office 365, we need to be able to offer at least similar features.
This idea is legit, but as much as we would like it, SmarterMail cannot compete with O365 or G Suite. Those mail platforms have 100+ developers working on the next generation of email. Plus they are bundled with the hardware/network in the cloud and scaled for cost efficiency by billion-dollar companies.
Not to say that the little guy can't slay the dragon, but SM would be better-suited to find a niche (e.g. low-cost mailboxes for service providers, or something like that) and be the leader in that space.
Strange why popular ideas like this (9 votes) get no official reply, yet other posts with limited support get immediate replies.

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