Question asked by Scarab - 7/9/2018 at 10:31 AM
Our datacenter is currently in a Level 2 evacuation zone for a wildfire and we are weighing options of physically moving our servers to Co-Lo at another regional datacenter outside of the evac zone or migrating them to AWS until the danger has passed.
Has anyone had any experience running larger Smartermail installations (we are running Enterprise with 500+ domains/3000 users with separate Incoming Gateways) on AWS EC2 with EBS Volumes? My experience with SM on AWS thus far has been limited to a small SM Free edition for one domain running on a t1.micro instance (which Amazon did surprise me when they set rDNS without question for my elastic IP even for their free tier). Are there any pitfalls or issues to consider prior to migrating a larger, high volume SM Ent. to AWS?
Also to those running SM on AWS, are you using Route 53 services for RBL/URIBL lookups or running your own DNS Servers on separate EC2 instances? (My t1.micro is using Route 53 but I imagine it would get costly quick with a significant amount of inbound email.)

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