Dragging calendar items to different day, not working
Question asked by rick - 6/30/2018 at 12:21 PM
I have a new user with Outlook 2016, set up as IMAP and used the "Add To Outlook" function.
Calendar appears but he's reporting that when he drags a calendar item from one day to another, it moves but then reverts back to original date a few seconds later.
Anyone have any idea how to resolve?
Running the June 29 release of SmarterMail
Thank you!

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Nicolas Fertig Replied
In order to fix calendar issues reported by many users, we installed the 29th june update this night.
Since this, we have now complaints about the exact same issue you've reported and our customers are asking us if we want to keep them as customers...
We opened a ticket about this, but I guess we'll have no feedback today as it's national day in US...
Also each update takes at least 20 minutes of downtime. Stopping services, uninstalling, installing new version and then waiting at least 10 minutes that the service is answering again. It's really painful as updates are at least once a week and seems to be basically bug fixes, and sometimes even twice a week.
It's more and more difficult to keep a quality of service in these conditions.

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