Calendar invites don't always show on synced device
Problem reported by Ton Trommelen - 6/29/2018 at 5:54 AM
I have reported a problem about this before but I got zero response from the support staff....so I try this again;
when I get a calendar invite from someone who is using Google calendar, the event correctly shows up in the SM web-gui calendar....I can accept it just fine (also in web-gui) but the event does not show up on my android synced device (using DAVdroid).
This doesn't always seem to happen when I get invites from other Google users, although so far it always happens when I get an invite from this particular person.
Please fix!

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Ton Trommelen Replied
Because again nobody from support seems to have the time to respond I did some testing today;
First I checked the calendar XML file in the users's folder in the domain directory and it correctly (as far as I can tell) contains the entries that are not being synchronized).
- installed older version (16.3.6705): didn't fix the problem
- installed latest version (16.3.6754): didn't fix the problem
- completely removed all data from DAVdroid and then removed DAVdroid itself from android device. Removed all data from calendar app. Rebooted device. Installed and configured DAVdroid again: didn't fix the problem.
Whatever I do; the events are not being synchronized by DAVdroid and hence don't show in my calendar.
I also installed and configured DAVdroid on another android device and this has the same problem; it's missing the same events.
Can anybody from support please respond and look into this?
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Hi Ton,
Sorry about the delay in seeing this. I'm not a member of the Support Department, but I did just come across your posts. Please be aware that this forum is intended for user-to-user interaction. While we do have many active employees here in the Community, we, unfortunately, can't get to every thread. For a guaranteed review of a technical issue, we recommend submitting a ticket to the Support Department. 
That said, I did have my team review the CalDAV functionality, and it appears to be working as intended. I'd like to get you in touch with Support through an Email or Phone Ticket so they can determine what's preventing the events from syncing. (Please keep in mind that if your issue is found to be caused by a bug in the software, your ticket cost will be refunded back to you.) 
I've sent you a quote for purchasing an Email Ticket for a review with the Support Department. Please let me know if you would like assistance submitting this ticket on the Tickets tab of the Portal. 
Ton Trommelen Replied
Hi Andrea,

Thanks for looking into this....but paying for something that I know is an issue but that SM may decide is not an issue is not a risc I'm willing to take.

I have done more testing myself;

- if I copy the event from the calendar XML file to the calendar XML from another user the event is synced/displayed just fine to my android device. When I copy all events to the XML from the other user the event is NOT synced/displayed anymore.

So it seems the problem is in the calendar XML file.

I can email this XML file to SM and tell you which events in it are not being synced...that way you can test the problem yourself.

Sounds good?

BR, Ton.
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Hello Ton,
As a quick recap for anyone else that may be experiencing this issue: Some appointments were not synced because of a URL decoding issue when comparing calendar UIDs sent from Google. This bug has been resolved and will be included in the 16.x minor update that's scheduled for tomorrow. 
Thank you for helping us to improve SmarterMail!

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