Add to Events Action the setting of custom field
Idea shared by Emanuele Tomasi - 6/14/2018 at 3:21 AM
I would ask a thing that miss in this Ticket System and I think may be very useful :
to add an Event Action (for istance in-> Ticket Creation Event) that allow you to set a custom field (dropbox list) with a value, now you can only send an email, change status or priority and If I want to set a custom field I can't.

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Is there anyone?
I think also that the filters in Events are too limited.
If you want to add more filters for Department for istance (if department is A and B and C, you can't do that).
Andrew Barker Replied
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Sorry for the late response. We have been reviewing your idea internally. Unfortunately, with the way that custom fields are built and interact with the various parts of SmarterTrack, it is not feasible to allow an event action for setting a custom field. One example of the difficulties is determining which custom fields can be set for a given event. Since fields are only directly linked to Custom Field Templates, and templates can be assigned to multiple things - generally on a per department basis - it would require a significant modification of SmarterTrack's event system and custom fields to be able to properly determine if the event actions are valid.
As for your request to allow multiple event parameters of the same type, this is something we are interested in doing. This feature is in the extremely early stages, and is still undergoing internal discussion.
We are declining this based on the initial idea. If you would like to track the status of your other idea separately, please open a new thread.

Andrew Barker
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I'll open a new thread about the second comment.

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