Smartermail email slowness on the Inbox.
Problem reported by Jayden Moey - 6/10/2018 at 2:28 AM
We have a client which ran a Smartermail version of 15.7.6542 where multiple users have complained about the slowness on access the Inbox per below:
Quoted from them on the performance:

"For your additional info, this is from my own screen when using the webmail.  This is the typical view that appears mostly when clicking on the Nave Menu links.  We didn’t use to experience this like so much persistent just recently in the past couple of weeks.  The main issue is related to the webmail display.  Another problem is that when users have a bunch of emails inside the inbox folder, it just keep taking so long to display the inbox list of mails/table and showing the progress bar as you see below for LONG, LONG, LONG time"
 I am running on the indexing on the users now which it may take awhile. Any alternative suggestions on it?

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Linda Pagillo Replied
Hi Jayden. I had a similar issue yesterday with a client. I restarted the SM service and reindexed the account. That resolved this for me.
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