Gmail migration - unable to migrate when selecting as a source Gmail server
Problem reported by Webio - 5/24/2018 at 4:57 AM
I'm trying to perform test migration because one of my clients reported that he can't migrate his account from Gmail to his SmarterMail account when using Gmail as a source for migration and trying to move also his calendar.
I've tried to perform migration on my test account and I also couldn't migrate from Gmail. I could authorize SmarterMail to access calendar which ended with "Google Integration Successful" info below login/pass fields but when passing my auth data to Google and pressing check connection error is showing telling that connection could not be made or something like that since I have translated notifications.
So .. can it be related to having two factor auth? My client had 2FA but after disabling it nothing changed.
EDIT: SM 15.7.6698
EDIT2: Is there any log for this kind of migration process? I didn't find anything related to migration process or migration auth process in log files.

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In Gmail under My Account > Sign-in & Security > Allow Less Secure Apps, is this option turned on?

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