Cannot login using autologin form for new users.
Problem reported by Marcin Domanski - 5/6/2018 at 4:35 AM
I have migrated to SM16 and now when I use autologin function it will take me to smartermail domain, but loader keeps spinning and nothing is happening until I will refresh, then I am successfully logged in. 
After few long hours, I have found what is causing this problem - it is the first screen with settings like timezone etc. 
From the moment I will login in a regular way and go through this settings everything is okay and I can use autologin without any problems. 
Does anyone have a clue how to avoid such situation? Oh, and users are creating mostly through an API.
thanks in advance! 

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Patrick Huss Replied
I can confirm that we have the exact same problem with the "permanent spinner" as Marcin, if  we try to automatically log in a user using the autologin example from the documentation and if this user hasn't completed the timezone and backup email dialog.
I see in the reference documentation that there will be an autologinToken and an autoLoginUrl on the authenticate user API call:
This would be the perfect solution because we could do an authenticateUser API call an on success, redirect the user to the autologinUrl with the autologin token and avoid this fiddling with the intermediate webpage with the credentials in cleartext in the javascript code.
Unfortunately this has not been added to the latest 16.3.6698 build yet.
Any news on when this will be available? 
Thanks in advance
Marcin Domanski Replied
Hi Patrick,
I just resolved this issue by running 'SetRequestedUserSettings' function in svcUserAdmin with params: 'welcomewizardprogress=3' and 'SeenWelcome=True'

Hope it will help you too
Andrea Free Replied
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Hello Marcin, Patrick,
This issue has been addressed, and a fix will be released in the next minor update for SmarterMail 16.x. Please stay tuned! 

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


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