RFC Clueless has eco.de in the abuse list?
Question asked by W. T. Leaver - 4/26/2018 at 1:45 PM
Has anyone using the RFC Clueless abuse list URIBL noticed that some legitimate mails with this header get tagged:
X-CSA-Complaints: whitelistcomplaints@eco.de
This is because eco.de is in the RFC Clueless abuse list (see http://rfc-clueless.org/lookup/eco.de). It was apparently imported from abuse.rfc-ignorant.org in 2012 and has failed to be removed several times since.
It doesn't seem to me that eco.de (Association of the Internet Industry) should be listed. I like what this uribl does for us except for this one thing that keeps popping up.
Anyone else using the list or have any comment on this?

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