Installer: prompted that files are in use and reboot will be required but no prompt after install
Question asked by Neal Culiner - 4/14/2018 at 5:46 AM
SM 16.latest: During the install a dialog appears that files or services are in use so a reboot will be required....yet when the installation is complete there is no prompt to reboot now or later. Does this mean a reboot is not required? Or is it still required even though the installer didn't ask as most do at the end of an installation?

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John Marx Replied
I have for the past two years done an uninstall first and then the install of the new version. A reboot isn't necessary but after we do the install we do any Windows Updates and then reboot just to be safe. The entire process takes less than five minutes from Uninstall, Updates, Reboot, and then Install. It seems like a lot of steps but having no problems it's now become our standard.
Prior to doing the above we just installed and on occasion (not always) we had the locking issue as well.

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