Understanding Incoming SMTP Blocking
Question asked by Kevin McNally - 3/27/2018 at 12:13 PM
I am trying to understand how Incoming SMTP Blocking differs from the normal Filtering that is broken into the 3 weights.
I may be over thinking this, but since we have the highest weight in the Filtering set to Delete. Is the incoming SMTP blocking necessary?
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kevind Replied
It's more efficient to block at SMTP and never accept the message.
The alternative is to accept the message, put it in the spool, run a bunch of tests like SpamAssassin and Bayes, then delete it. This wastes disk and CPU.
Employee Replied
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Hi Kevin.  Filtering occurs once the EML file has been created and the message added to the spool for delivery.
An SMTP block occurs during the inbound connection.  If a block occurs, the sender will receive a "550 Sender is not allowed" response from SmarterMail, and the SMTP connection is terminated.  
Kevin McNally Replied
Thanks Rod

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