Outlook 2013 IMAP issue
Problem reported by Matthew Titley - March 23, 2018 at 6:34 AM
Hi all,
Has anyone else encountered an issue with Outlook 2013 not synchronizing IMAP folders quickly with SM15? (15.7.6572) After a period of time (an hour or two) all new waiting messages arrive. Last year I had one customer with this issue (Outlook 2013 as well) so I relegated it to a one-off PC issue. However, I had a second customer call today with the exact issue. Good sized inbox, say 5gb or so - lots of subfolders, and the Outlook send/receive completes successfully without downloading new messages although there are most certainly new messages in the inbox on server as shown via webmail. Not sure at this point if it's an Outlook issue or SM. My hunch is Outlook. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this.
Oddly, for both instances, they are on business networks with other computers all running the same version of Outlook without exhibiting this issue.

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Matthew Titley Replied
I guess I should search the knowledge base first....


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