SM 16 - Fixes/Enhancement Ideas (16.3.6642)
Idea shared by Andrew Lupton - March 14 at 7:52 AM
1. When opening a mail from the spool, only the view text, header and recipients options are available. Previously, view HTML was there as well. Would be nice to have it back.
2. On the connections page, the options are blacklist and drop connections. It would be nice to have an IP lookup capability there. It would even be nice to define the service to be used for the lookup.
3. On the login page, if you select 'remember me' and later return, the ID and password are pre-filled but if you just click login again it refuses to work. If you click in each cell, backup one character and retype it, or retype the entire ID and password it works. For some reason the remember me option is not preserving the entries properly. (Chrome).
4. Meanwhile, it would be nice to be able to turn the 'remember me' option off.
5. If you disable custom help for the login screen, it would be nice if the you could also turn off the (?) icon at the top. Offer custom, SM, or none.
6. In manage domains, the domain default options and others are in the ellipsis drop down. Can some of these for domain management specifically be duplicated or moved to the left side menu? Current location is a little awkward.
7. After IP addresses get placed on the IDS block list, the options are 'unblock' or 'blacklist'. If blacklist is selected, the confirmation asks 'are you sure' and the buttons are 'Cancel' and 'Delete'.  Delete button should 'Blacklist' and pop up the blacklist option box to accept or modify the range and description. As it is now, it goes directly to the blacklist as 'IDS Block' and you have to go there after the fact to modify the entry.
8. Please release some additional themes or allow creating our own. The light is too light and the dark is too dark. I copied the dark to a new custom.css and the option appears but no matter what colors I change, it always appears as light. There's apparently more to a theme than just the CSS file in the MRS\App_Data\Skins folder, but I haven't found it. A customization page in the app itself would be huge.
9. Finally, (for now), please add an option for minor/incremental updates within the app itself. Major (and possibly some minor) upgrades understandably may need an uninstall/install but things like interface updates, skins, themes, text/options, etc. could be put in place a whole lot easier.

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