SM 16 - Sending Contacts not working as expected
Problem reported by Bryant Zimmerman - 3/2/2018 at 11:20 AM
We have several reports of contact sending and importing not working as expected. I tested this with someone in our office. They tried to forward me a contact and there was nothing attached to the e-mail message when I received it.  We finally had to resort to them exporting the contact to a vcard and then manually attaching it. I then had to save it to a file on my hard drive as there was no option to import it from the attachment. 
I had to then re-import the vcard with a manual import. We tried this 9 times with limited results.  
When I did import the vcard the contact did not show up so imported two or three times still now joy... About 10 min later the list showed 4 copies one for each import attempt..  The contact system is severely broken. 
Admins please see my Shared contact broken post as well. The issues there are what spawned us finding the broken contact sending issue. 

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