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Idea shared by Cristina Precup - 3/2/2018 at 1:56 AM
We have some complaints from our clients and also some issues as system admins, which I'll post below and hope that vs. 17 will solve them:
1. the most critical one: when a client deletes an email in Inbox, the next email, that was unread, is automatically marked as read instantly. This happens also when they open a folder and the first email is selected by default. Because of this, some clients that have online stores, missed new orders.
2. when copying a formatted email from Word or from another email, the colors are not kept in the webmail window, so if a text is written with blue and red, it will be pasted in black. Not even other formatting is being pasted sometimes, even though the email format is HTML (like tables or indents).
3. on emails received/sent in the previous days, clients want to see the time they received/sent the emails, not only the date.
4. emails are loading really slowly (the preview pane keeps showing a “loading” icon for a very long time). Clients said that in v.15 they didn’t have this problem.
5. in v.15, if they were scrolling through the Inbox emails and pressed “Inbox”, the emails list would send them back to the first email. Now it doesn’t do anything and if they press on the search icon, the list scrolls to the first item and automatically marks as read the first email. So when they press on Inbox, they want to see the top of the list and also they want the unread email that is automatically being selected when scrolling to top to stay like that, not to be marked as read.
6. clients also complained that the font color is too light and it’s hard for them to see which emails are unread and which are read, but I modified the all.min.css file and now it looks alright, but it would be nice to be able to create custom themes from the GUI.
7. we couldn't find any option to unblock a user after he tried multiple times to login to webmail using a wrong password.
8. we can't select more than 200 emails in the spool, which is very inconvenient when we have 20k spam emails in the queue.
9. when pressing on a domain and typing a hostname in the Hostname field and then pressing Save, it redirects to the domains list, not that domain's page, which is pretty inconvenient if you also need to change other things on that domain.
Thank you

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