Week after creating domain, their settings are lost
Question asked by Information Technology - 3/1/2018 at 8:04 AM
We've had this happen on 2 separate occasions.
When we first setup our Smartermail server we setup several domains. These domains have never been an issue.
A couple months later we added 2 new domains. About a 5 days later we get reports about message sizes and mailbox size being exceeded. The messages were way smaller than what we would have set. When we looked at the domains settings we discovered...
--No hostname
--No administrator
--Disk space set to 267151 or something like that, definitely not a default.
--Max message size 10
--Max users 500
--Require SMTP Auth was turned off
--Force HTTPS was turned off
The only setting that we customized that was still present were the autodiscover settings.
We correct those problems then about 3 months pass before we add more domains. This time we add 5 domains this past Friday 02/23. This morning, 03/01 we start getting reports about exceeded message size. Sure enough all 5 of the domains we added had settings reset in the same manner with the same values.
Has anyone encountered a similar issue? Can anyone suggest a point to start troubleshooting this issue?
Server 2012 r2 x64
SmarterMail 16.3.6551 Enterprise

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We added another domain this weekend. To further test this issue we restarted the smartermail service right after creating the domain. As expected all settings for the domain were reset. We reconfigured the domain settings and user defaults, reset the service, this time the settings were retained.
Something is definitely happening to the settings for new domains the first time the smartermail service restarts after the domain has been created. After configuring the domain settings the second time the domain settings remain configured.
This happened again to several domains that had been functioning for over a month. Can anyone tell me why this could be happening? It must be unique to our situation since I haven't found anyone else reporting this problem.
I didn't look at the config file to determine if the settings were actually missing or if the info just couldn't be parsed. But all settings are reset including the setting where we specified the domain administrator.

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