Is There Any Support for SmarterTrack and SugarCRM Intergration?
Idea shared by Anthony Nagel - 2/26/2018 at 1:18 PM
Under Consideration
Hello.  Our company is looking at using the CRM application, SugarCRM.  The question was asked if there is any integration possibilities with this application and SmarterTrack?
If not, is there any possibility of implementing this in the future?

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Eric McCarthy Replied
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At this time SmarterTrack does not support CRM integration. We will bring this up for internal discussion. 
Eric McCarthy
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Have there been any further discussions about providing some kind of CRM capability using SmarterTrack, including integration with existing CRM tools? SmarterTrack is great software for managing discrete sales and support transactions, but it is too difficult to use for effective CRM. Even having an easy way to export data instead of needing to know SQL would be a significant improvement.
Rena what are you looking for with integration? We've been looking at ways of integrating and wondering what you're actually looking to achieve/do?
John, it's more of a general need to get data from SmarterTrack much more easily than we can now. We don't have SQL expertise and it's quite time-consuming for us to build queries and parse the data we can get out of SmarterTrack. For example, we want to be able to export customer contact information and sales history, which is stored in both ticket and customer custom fields, into Mailchimp based on specific needs at any given time. I realize that this is not an "integration" per se, but more of easy access to data. 
It seems like better reports would solve your problem. I know with our CRM we had the exact same issue from a reporting standpoint and spent months writing the software to do that. We already have the option for exporting to Excel. Being we are debating either creating our own tracking system or integrating with SmarterTrack I am going to see if the team can put the reporting components and logic into something that is easily used by others. I think this would give you what you need as you can export (Excel, Word, etc.) the reports, print, or email. 
Having flexible reporting options would be great! All we really need are .csv files that we can easily produce that would contain different collections of data on an as-needed basis. Some data might be related to tickets, some might be related to users, some might be a combination of data from both sources. What CRM are you using?
We wrote our own CRM and originally started out with SugarCRM. We have a ticket (task) system that works well but seeing if it would be better for a third-party (SmarterTrack) or just add the few items missing. I like the VoIP integration but we aren't using VoIP yet so not sure if that will play a factor in our decision.

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