SMTP limits and spooling
Problem reported by sam - 2/24/2018 at 6:01 PM
Hi All,
If we set an internal domain SMTP limit of x per hour and set it to reject it still puts them into the spool in "throttled" status.

Surely this should be rejected at the initial connection and not put into the spool?

For example a client has a breached account, thousands of spam is sent through it, the limit is hit, yet it all goes into the spool with "throttled" status.

We don't want the 1000s of "throttled" status emails, they should be rejected at the initial connection.
Basically this causes a massive cleanup operation for any breached account the way it is currently processing. Surely it should be a true initial block?
Thanks for all replies and help.
Running latest 16 version as of 25th Feb 2018.


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