SM Enterprise 15.7.6600 - Antivirus Administration
Question asked by Jay Altemoos - 2/23/2018 at 2:39 PM
I looked at the online help but there is no mention of this new feature in the help file, so my question is this, there's a new entry field under Security -> Antivirus Administration -> Options for Quarantine Directory. Previously if you were using ClamAV the Quarantine folder was listed under the Spool folder. If I don't have anything specified here does SM just continue to use that directory? Or is this not related to ClamAV at all?

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Joe Wolf Replied
I'm glad they put it there and wish we had the same option for the Outgoing Quarantine. Some people use a RAMDisk or smaller fast SSD drive for the spool folder that has limited storage space. Keeping the spam and viruses in the spool can create a problem in those cases.


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