DKIM - basic settings for multiple domains
Question asked by Steve Guluk - 2/22/2018 at 1:22 PM
Can someone please clarify the details on DKIM settings.

For instance we have a number of domains (customers) on our server.
I can set a TXT record for DKIM in their individual DNS Zone files. But will this work if we force everyone to use our primary domain for sending and receiving?
For instance, mail.sgdesign.net is configured as best possible. DKIM, PTR, Reverse DNS and also an SSL bound to the domain. So we ask everyone to send and receive via mail.sgdesign.net rather than the own domain names (mail.domainName.com)

Is this the best method or should each domain use their own specific mail server name so as to utilize DKIM?

And... sorry for so many questions... Does TLS negate the need for a secure certificate (SSL)?

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Hi Steve.  Each domain does not need their own hostname, but each domain should have their own DKIM record set up.  In SmarterMail, this is found in Settings >> Domain Settings >> General.
Setting up Port 25/587 for TLS would still require an SSL certificate be configured on the SmarterMail server.
Steve Guluk Replied
Thanks Rod, so to clarify your point, each domain can use the single domain I have set-up as primary (mail.sgdesign.net) and still the Domain Signing of DKIM will work fine as long as the proper Txt zone file record is in place for each Domain?

That IS the way I am setting things up , but wanted to make sure that is the proper way.
SpVijay Rao Replied
please clarify...

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