Option to Turn Off Signatures on Replies
Idea shared by Kevin McNally - 2/20/2018 at 1:23 PM
I wish to eliminate my signature block on replies (just too much info). I see nothing in the HELP section on how to disable on the reply only. I do see the lock icon above that I case use to erase the signature on a case by case basis but no permanent solution.
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Hi Kevin,
At this time there is not a setting for dictating WHEN the signature will appear. By default, if your account is mapped to a specific signature, it will be visible on every compose window. For a case by case basis, you can use the lock icon from the toolbar to delete the signature text from the message body, or you can use the Signature dropdown from the top of the compose window to remove the signature from the message body. 
Since this isn't current functionality, I'll change this thread from a Question to an Idea so we can facilitate tracking on this request. 

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