SM 16 - Team Workspaces (Bait and Switch)
Problem reported by Bryant Zimmerman - 2/13/2018 at 2:24 PM
We spun up SmarterMail 16 today and are testing services. The Team workspaces are more than disappointing. They were touted as an enterprise alternative solution and they are not even close. Worse yet they are promoting a paid service only offering a 4 way video conference without paying for a pro account of $9.99 / month.  This is not cool having a hosting mail product promoting a paid service outside of our hosting sphere.  --- We need to know how to override the jump out to this third party, and a way to host our own option (non cost bearing) from with-in the product as advertised.
(From the website)
Introducing Team Workspaces
SmarterMail 16.x introduces Team Workspaces! We are determined to help customers save money and avoid using paid services such as GoToMeeting or AnyMeeting. That means integrating web conferencing and turning SmarterMail into a truly unified communications platform. Team Workspaces can house an unlimited number of participants and include live video chat for up to 8 participants, screen sharing, video and audio controls, a group chat sidebar, a whiteboard for team collaborating, the ability to upload and share files and much, much more.
And using a Team Workspace couldn’t be simpler: Just create your team workspace and share the link to other people -- either inside your organization or outside. It doesn’t matter if you have a group of offsite employees, have “work from home” days or want to have a video conference with customers or contractors: SmarterMail’s Team Workspaces can easily replace virtually any third-party service you’re using.

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Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post was integrated into SmarterMail 16.x to provide a free, but interim, solution for video conferencing. We are currently testing our own video conferencing solution in SmarterMail 17.x, and it will be available in the upcoming BETA. That said, the availability of and its use in SmarterMail is solely based on the terms and conditions and any limitations they impose. When we released SmarterMail 16.x, their free plan allowed up to 8 participants in a video conference. It does look like they've recently changed that limitation for their free plan, reducing that number to 4. That is, of course, their prerogative. We have since updated our website to reflect these recent changes.
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