Out of office with eM Client or Outlook
Problem reported by Mike Ingram - January 24, 2018 at 11:35 AM
I am using SMv15 - won't move to 16...
I have clients that use outlook 2013/16 and eM Client 7 using ActiveSync.. Is the only way to set Automatic Replies via the web Interface? I looked on the forums and I am sure it is there but i can not find it...

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echoDreamz Replied
There is no way to do this Outlook currently, using IMAP or ActiveSync. HOPEFULLY with SM 17's MAPI integration, we can use Outlook's Automatic Replies feature.

eM Client 7 though - https://www.emclient.com/blog/what-to-expect-in-em-client-7--vacation-responder-142 you an do it automatically with their app using EWS - However, I am not sure how this works with SM's system. Is it doing it at the server level, or is eM Client simply doing the responses on its own.


Mike Ingram Replied
Thanks for the info... the eM Client throws an error saying "t:Message" Element type was expected but "Message" type of Element was found basically the response from the server/eM Client.. and it does not work... it's ok. I guess I will wait to see how many months it takes for v17 to make it and then wait longer to see how many issues it has like v16.. I see the ST says it will directly connect and not use an installed outlook client add-on/plug-in but we will see. I am not holding my breathe that v17 will work properly, I did not make the leap to v16 but read through the forums and you will see why.. I am very happy that SmarterTools is being forced to create the MAPI integration which probably should have been done years ago to make it a more REAL enterprise product ( a plug in like Kerio or others use would have FIXED most issues with outlook and enterprise customers, just saying!!)

Thanks again for the response.. if a simple out of office cannot be done in the email client (oultook, eM client. MS Mail) then this is not an enterprise product.. period.. I will stand by and hope Smartermail heads in the right direction with v17.. I have already moved corporate clients to hosted exchange and kerio connect and my mom and pop type businesses with smartermail since I still have a license and it works well for the little guys.. but time will tell which direction we take. :)

On another note - hopefully the MAPI integration will allow larger mailboxes since ActiveSync sucks with large mailboxes.. again, clients with mailboxes over 7-10 Gb I move to other products since they just work and I hate wasting time on product issues, like I am doing here! lol

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