Spool VirusQuarantine showing incorrect Time of Removal Date
Problem reported by Jason Wilhelm - 1/10/2018 at 12:36 PM
Not A Problem
Currently running SmarterMail Enterprise Version - 16.3.6572.
Found that inside SPOOL > VIRUS QUARANTINE.
The Time of Removal date is showing incorrect. Looks to be showing a month into the future. 

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Universal4 Replied
I am also seeing this as I discovered it when I realized that my mail accounts as well as complaints from clients have notified me that since Monday all of a sudden the incoming spam has increased by enormous amounts, I wonder if that is related
Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
The "Time of Removal" column on the Virus Quarantine tab shows the date/time the message is to be deleted from quarantine. Therefore, it *would* show 30 days in the future. (If that's what you have set in Settings --> Antivirus on the Options card.) The Date column shows the actual date/time that the message was caught. 
Derek Curtis
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Universal4 Replied
Thanks that clears that part up and is logical, and most likely is not related in any way to the increase in spam getting past Cyren (I hope my post did not confuse anyone)
Jason Wilhelm Replied
Ahhh thanks for the Clarification Derek! "Time of Removal" sounds more past tense.

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