SPAM to Catch-all alias bypasses domain level content filtering
Problem reported by Brian M. Arlinghaus - 1/10/2018 at 11:13 AM
I have an alias setup as a domain catch-all which forwards to me+catchall@domain.com.
I have content filtering for domain.com that deletes emails to specific addresses (e.g., sales@domain.com).
Test emails to sales@domain.com do get deleted. However, emails to sales@domain.com with a high spam-weight still end up in the folder catchall of the me user.
So, does spam bypass the domain content filtering? Is this by design or an oversight? Is there a way to change the order of processing?
Basically, the way it works now is a catch-all cannot have spam checking or content filtering. I think this is an oversight.


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Brian, what version of SM is that ?

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