In SM 16 web UI. How to attach another email message?
Question asked by Lee Ryan - 1/8/2018 at 8:13 AM
Recently upgraded to SM16, been fielding questions from our clients about the new UI.
Here's one I wasn't able answer. Is it possible to attach one or more email messages from my inbox to a new message?

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Hello Lee,
If you do a forward when you have multiple messages selected it will attach all the selected messages as .emls. If you want to forward just one message you can go to your account settings and on the Forwarding card if you change Forward Method to Embed as Attachment it will attach the message on a single forward instead of putting the previous text in the new message.
Lee Ryan Replied
Today. I'm able to forward message(s) as well as attach files. I swear this wasn't working yesterday. Not sure what might have changed overnight. I'm going to touch base with the clients that were having the same issue. To make sure its resolved.

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