Multiple Domains on 1 IP - Hostname question
Question asked by Phill Healey - January 4, 2018 at 5:11 PM
I have a server hosting email for about 10 domains using 1 IP address. The setup is something like this:
Server hostname:
For simplicity, we will be asking clients of all domains to login to email via:
For simplicity let's say that our clients domains are named:
So, what do we put for the HOSTNAME for smartermail general settings?
What do we put for the HOSTNAME of each domain?
Also what should we enter as the reverse DNS for the server?
Anyone know how we should set this up?

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Merle Wait Replied
so... first.. what SM version are you on. 
and second,  for your server to send out  emails .. yes you  will have to reverse DNS set AND, usually your broadband provider, has to put in reverse look-up for your server on their end as well.
Phill Healey Replied
Are you sure you are answering on the right question here. What's my broadband provider got to do with anything. We're talking about a proper Smartermail Win Server 2016 installation on a VPS.

Not to worry we've got the answer we need thanks.

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