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Question asked by James Jenkins - January 1 at 1:06 PM
Is it possible to moderate user account creations made from the portal?
By default, anyone can create an account, tickets and view the knowledgebase and community. Although of course, an extra step is necessary to verify the email address, users are still authorized. To help prevent anyone from creating an account and spam, I'd like to know if there's a way to trigger an email or ticket to administration for an account creation request, and trigger an email to the user to verify email, and inform the user to wait for authorization. Authorizations would only be considered once emails are verified. I've considered using roles and event triggers for these but am having trouble. 
In fact, it would be great if accounts were auto authorized if the email that was verified were from specific domains. But, this part may need to be a feature request.

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Andrew Barker Replied
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At this time, there is no way to automate the process you are describing. Perhaps the only thing we could suggest, beyond the steps you have already taken, would be to create an event to send a notification to your administration email account when a new user is registered. Note that this would not indicate whether the user's email has been verified, only that an account has been created. Once registered, you could check on the user to see if they have been verified under the roles tab. Then, if you create a custom Authorized role, you could set the permissions for the community to only allow those with the Authorized role.
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