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Question asked by Roeland Buisman - December 30, 2017 at 9:21 AM
Good morning.
I am wondering if there is any way to import users and organisations into smartertrack. I couldn't find an import function. Did I overlook? Or is there a possibility to drop the users directly in the database? 
Also I am wondering if there is a connection between users and organisations. 

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Craig Parsons Replied
I'd also like to be able to do this.
Very important capability ... if it's not a part of SmarterTrack, it should be!
Roeland - Assuming there's no native way to do this via the UI, it looks like using the API ( might be an option.
Thanks Michael,
Unfortunately, I have no idea, how to implement this:-(
It would require someone writing some code to call the API.
Andrew Barker Replied
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At this time, SmarterTrack does not include any way to directly import users from external sources. As Michael suggested in his initial comment, the best way to currently implement this would be to build a import system that takes advantage of the APIs that are provided by SmarterTrack.
One of the difficulties with building import capability into our system is that each potential source will have a different format. This means that, if we were to provide the ability to import users, a new importer would need to be written and maintained for every potential source. This is further complicated because SmarterTrack is compatible with multiple databases (SQL Server, MySQL, and and similar DBs).

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Craig Parsons Replied
Why not just build something to handle a common source such as CSV? If we are uploading a user file, chances are it will have been generated by another system in a standard format such as CSV, XML etc or even manually created in Excel. There are enough tools available on the net to allow us to convert our source into a more common format if it was something other than your supported format. Ofc this doesn't solve your problem of multiple database formats.
yes for everyone it will be very easy to export files to CSV. And for 99% it is not easy to call API;s
I agree with the above comments by Craig and Roeland. 
If you look at most respectable apps out there, they support a generic CSV file capability for both export and import.  And SmarterTrack should also offer this.
It's a good compromise to meet users halfway -- they don't support every format (as Andrew pointed out would require tons of maintenance) but DO support a basic CSV for export and import.

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