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Question asked by John Marx - 12/27/2017 at 5:32 PM
We have never had users type their password wrong so much their accounts were locked out for a duration of time. Today we had two users that had that issue. Where in the v16 interface (latest version) can we see the locked IP address and hopefully remove and/or see the amount of time remaining? I looked and can't see where this would be.    

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Derek Curtis Replied
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That should be under Manage --> IDS blocks when logged in as the system admin. YOu can see the IP address and the time left, and under the Actions (...) menu you can unblock the IP manually if need be or flat out blacklist it. 
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Employee Replied
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Additionally, it blocks after 10 attempts for 5 minutes. Those settings are in the web.config, but we will be moving them into the sys admin settings area for easier access.
John Marx Replied
Awesome. Thanks. I looked in IDS but didn't see anything but after 10 minutes they could get in so not sure if it wasn't showing. This was all via the web interface.

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