create event based on TO or CC field
Idea shared by Roeland Buisman - 12/22/2017 at 3:14 PM
It is not possible to create anevent based on the (real) TO or CC field. It would bevery nice to have that, so it is possible to create events like distribution tickets from 1 pop box, to different departments.
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HI Roeland !
Yes, you should be able to accomplish this. Are you trying to use "Filtering" as part of the account settings, or are you actually using "events" as part of the system administrator management account ?
I just realized this is posted as Smarter Track, not Smarter Mail.  so, sorry, this may not be a relevant response.

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yes correct. it is about smartertrack. anyway thanks for the response:-)
Eric McCarthy Replied
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We do not allow this because it is not something SmarterTrack's event system is designed for. If you want to have emails directed to different departments you will have to use multiple POP accounts. This is not that different from sorting based on the TO and CC fields, and it will have a more immediate effect on ticket routing.
If the event system was configured in a way that could handle your request, it would increase work on the server for every ticket that came in. In addition, new tickets would end up in the wrong department for several minutes before they were moved to the correct department. This is because the event system does not look at any tickets until after they are created.
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ok clear. Thanks.

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