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Question asked by Indika Liyanachchi - 12/21/2017 at 3:14 AM
Hi all,
I have created two rules and they are to only send emails to one domain and not to other domains and the other one is to receive emails from the same domain. I have successfully created the receiving email rule and its working but the outgoing is not working can anyone help me I have attached the screenshots

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Content filtering is only used for incoming messages. To Specific Domains is just checking if there is a To Address with that domain on an incoming message. It is not saying it will scan messages that are outgoing to that domain.
You could achieve this behavior by blacklisting/whitelisting domains in the system admin settings. This will apply to the whole system though if you are just trying to apply this for one domain.
Outgoing content filtering is also on our lists of feature requests.
Indika Liyanachchi Replied
Thank you Very much for your help matthew

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