Mantain the "SHOW PASSWORD" utility in the future SmarterMail release (17.x, 18.x and so on...)
Idea shared by Gabriele Maoret - 12/21/2017 at 12:49 AM
With this post we want to start a poll to ask users to vote for mantaining the "SHOW PASSWORD" utility in the future SmarterMail release (17.x, 18.x and so on...)
Who want it?

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I Do. Even if its a paid add-on. I'd pay a extra ten dollars. to cover a key generation cost.
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Me too!
Lose it. Most of these passwords are used personally way beyond SmarterMail. It will be 2018 soon. We should not see them.
Hi Ronald.
I understand what you say, but many customers (if not all ..) ask us this function because in case of loss (forgetfulness ...) of the password do not want to generate a new one to then have to insert in 10 different devices (PC, Laptop, business smarphone, personal smartphone, PC at home, tablet, etc ...).
Instead they want a support service that can recover their old password and simplify their lives ...
Although with many other "questionable" decisions on SM`s part I`m with the community and would like to see many of the reported issues fixed and of the asked features implemented, with regards to the password, I believe that nobody should know any other person`s password for any reason whatsoever.
In this day and age, every single person, be it a child, elderly person, educated or uneducated, should at least have a minimum of diligence when securing any account, just like they would lock their front door or car when leaving away from them. If someone cannot or does not want to understand that in case they lose their passwords they have to use a secondary method of recovering it or have a new one generated, that person is not fit to use any kind of computing device.

I hope that the OP does not get upset if someone has a different opinion, but again: there is no need for anyone to know someone else`s password. Now, if SM wants to implement this as an optional feature - fine; but not as standard. Also, I would not use any service where I would know that someone else could easily see my password, regardless of the reason - so I hope that if this feature is implemented, then at least there is a clear and visible disclaimer informing all users of this service that another person can see their password.
Thank's Ionel, that's a good point.

I can see the reasons for this, but I can also see those in favor of password recovery ...

But I think that we can even reach a compromise ...

I would suggest changing the password recovery procedure so that, having a secondary e-mail address for password recovery, it is possible, in addition to creating a new one, also to choose to send the OLD password, so as not to change it on all the devices.

In addition to that, it may be possible to add a "user default" parameter that can be named "default recovery e-mail" so that an administrator can set it (through domain o user propagation) to assist their users

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