Interface for 6558 is MUCH better
Question asked by echoDreamz - 12/15/2017 at 11:16 PM
Just like to say, the updated icons, instead of the dropdown is significantly better. Thank you!

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Tom Harrington Replied
I am loving the new updates in this release. Thank you Devs
Matthew Sine Replied
On this, I FULLY agree. We have had some display issues on 2 servers with this version, but after several restarts, they seem to have shaken out.

After install of this version, the mail would not display and calendar was odd. Browser cache flushing/restarts did not fix.

2 reboots on each machine mysteriously fixed the problem.

I am hoping our customers like this layout better.

Matthew J. Sine, General Manager8Dweb LLC "Making the Web a Happy Place"

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