Can't get DKIM to work
Question asked by Michael Robinson - 12/12/2017 at 5:14 PM
When we send emails to Hotmail and Yahoo Mail, the headers say that "DKIM = none" even though we think we did everything correctly.
We used Smartermail's tool to create the DKIM record and my host entered that into the DNS server.
Yet tests we run say it is not working.
Any suggestions on where to look?

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Matthew Sine Replied
We are seeing a similar issue in 16.3.6544
DKIM that was setup since SM15, now seems to be non-working. We have to generate a new DKIM record for each and every domain. A very time consuming process. We really need a grid view of All domains and various settings including DKIM enabled and DKIM currently generated DNS record. I have wished for administrative grid view for YEARS... constantly drilling down into domains and impersonating admin is a huge time-wasting pain in the....

In addition, I have a major gripe about this, once DKIM is "enabled" where do you go to SEE the dkim record in SM16? In v. 15 we could reference it if required.

Am I missing something?

Matthew J. Sine, General Manager8Dweb LLC
"Making the Web a Happy Place"
Nick Jansen Replied
I don't have an answer (sorry) but I can say that you might not be doing anything wrong--I (and others, according to a couple of other threads I found here) am running into the same or a similar problem. I have had DKIM working correctly with a different mail server product, but I switched to SmarterMail about 2 weeks ago and haven't been able to get it working yet. I guess it's either a SmarterMail bug, or we're all overlooking an important setting somewhere.
Michael Robinson Replied
OK think we figured this out.
DKIM was not working as seen in the message headers of emails sent to hotmail and yahoo mail.
After giving up on DKIM I spent some time setting up DMARC.
Now our DKIM is being recognized by Yahoo and Hotmail.  I don't understand this stuff well enough to say way.
In fact for the first time in awhile our messages actually did not land in the Yahoo spam folder.  
But Hotmail is still putting us in the spam filter.
Michael Robinson Replied
Still having some problem with DKIM
We set it up in our DNS server, but when I look at the headers of email I send to Yahoo Mail , I see DKIM = neutral.
This is better than DKIM = fail.  But it still looks like spam.  We need to get a DKIM = pass response.  Not sure how to do that.
So for now we still can't send out our newsletters because they will go into spam folders.  I've spent hours on this.  

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