Outgoing Gateway Prioritization
Question asked by Joe Joe - 12/3/2017 at 9:17 PM
i install enterprise 16 fail failover,
there is the feature "Outgoing Gateway Prioritization",
and i have some questions to ask:
for instance,
i prepare 3 servers as outgoing gateway and set their priority as normal at Gateways / Failover's outgoing ,
and for some domains,i also set their Standard Message Priority as normal.
i want to ask,when those domains send mails,
will those mails be sent from those 3 outgoing servers ?
for instance,
domain1's mails may be sent from outgoning server-a now and serer-b or server-c later,
not only from certain one outgoing server,is it correct ?
when it is correct,i set SPF for the domain,
should i add all the ip,include windows server's main ip,failover shared ip,and all those outgoing server's ip,
is it correct ?
thanks alot.

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