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Question asked by Craig Parsons - 12/1/2017 at 2:39 AM
I would like to setup a manual event which will forward a ticket (with full contents & attachments) to another email address, but cannot see a forward option in the list of available actions. I can obviously send an email but i don't think it sends the attachments as well. Has anyone managed to do something similar?

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Derek Curtis Replied
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Hi, Craig
Forward isn't an Event Action at this point, but there may be a couple of potential solutions for you. I suppose it depends on whether you want the person to whom you're forwarding the ticket to be able to reply to it via the ticketing system or not....
1. You can simply forward the original email from the mail server to the person. Log in to the mail account and forward the email as you would any others. That would, obviously, forward the email, but not the ticket. 
2. Create a separate Agent for this person -- one that's not set up to automatically receive tickets from any Groups -- but add a forwarding address to that Agent. You could then transfer the ticket, manually or via an Event Action, to that new Agent, and it would be forwarded to their email address so they could reply to it from webmail or from an email client. 
I can see the value in having a Forward as an Event Action, so I've added that item for the SmarterTrack developers to look at for a future version. 
Derek Curtis
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Craig Parsons Replied
Thanks Derek, I'll give those ideas some thought

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